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Production Services:

Wayne Opportunity Center, Inc. subcontracts work with industry providers to establish work experience and training wages for our disabled citizens.  This work also reduces overhead and labor costs for the industry and provides hands-on training for our consumers, allowing them to become independent working citizens within our community.  

  • Recycling:

We collect cardboard, paper, aluminum cans, and vinyl siding to be recycled.  We collect cardboard from local schools and businesses.  We also accept recyclables from individuals.

  • Mobile Shredding:

Our mobile shredding services will arrive onsite to handle your shredding needs.  We also furnish containers for your business to pick up regularly or as needed.

  • Woodworking:

We build custom-made pallets, crates, spacers, and any other custom-built items any business may need.

  • Hand Assembly:

We work with many area businesses to assemble, package, and label their products.

  • Mobile Cleaning Crew:

We provide cleaning services to local businesses.

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